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Theresa Yow is a vocal coach serving from the Greater Houston area to as far North as Huntsville.  She studied under Tom McKinney using the "Singing with the Ease of Speech" technique, also known as "Speech Level Singing". This vocal technique is the same used by more than 300 major recording, movie, Broadway, and concert stars that have achieved more than 140 "Grammys", 12 "Tonys", and 8 Metropolitan Opera Soloist Awards.  "Singing with the Ease of Speech" technique allows one to sing freely and clearly anywhere in one’s range.  It approaches the voice on a speaking level, meaning that it should be no more difficult to sing than it is to speak clearly and precisely.  This technique can be applied to any genre of music.


Theresa works with students to mix the vocal registers, the low voice (chest voice) and the high voice (head voice) eliminating the "break" or "flip".  This technique will increase your range, build power in your voice with less effort.  Previous vocal study is not required to pursue the “Ease of Speech Singing Technique”, only the student’s commitment to practice the vocal exercises and follow the instruction and advice of the teacher.  Theresa is exited to share this technique that has helped her own voice and vocal career tremendously!  At any time, she is willing to demonstrate her own vocal abilities to a student or parent upon request.

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Learn about vocal training with Theresa!

• Increase your range

• Eliminate the "break" or "flip" by mixing your vocal registers

• Build power in your voice with less effort

• Improve your singing tone and style

• Gain vocal control and confidence!

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